Welcome to the Jordan Skating Club

A warm welcome to all of our new and returning skaters!  We are happy that you are joining the Jordan Skating Club to learn to skate or improve your skills. Our programs are offered at the Jordan Arena, located at the corner of Jordan Road and 4th Avenue. The Jordan Skating Club was formed in 1974, and is a member club of Skate Canada (one of the world’s largest skating organizations). All of our programs are taught by professional and dedicated coaches, certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Skate Canada. Our coaches are also assisted by senior skaters who volunteer as Program Assistants.

The Jordan Skating Club is a non-profit organization, with a board of volunteer directors who administer the club business. 


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Dates to Remember for the 2024-2025 season:

• Registration Opens: mid August 2024
First Day of Skating: 
Ice Cancellations:
• Last Day of Skating:

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Registration for the 2024-2025 season will open in mid-August

The Jordan Skating Club is excited to welcome our returning and new skaters to the Club this fall.

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Our Programs

All of our skating programs at the Jordan Arena have been designed by Skate Canada to teach skating skills and techniques in a safe, skill-centred and fun environment while following the principles of Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development.


Our Parent-Tot CanSkate program at the Jordan Skating Club is designed for our youngest skaters who are still a little unsure about being on the ice without a parent or other designated adult who has basic skating skills.

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CanSkate is the national learn-to-skate program developed by Skate Canada to teach the fundamental skills needed for recreational skating, hockey or figure skating. 

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STARSkate Group

Skaters who have passed CanSkate Badge 5, and are interested in figure skating may choose to continue in the STARSkate program.  In this program skaters work on jumps, spins, footwork, stroking, dance and skills. 

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are always available for skaters of all skill levels and abilities with the coach of your choice. These lessons and fees are arranged and agreed upon separately from our group lessons. 

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Sunday Practice Time

Sunday Practice Time is an extra session of ice available to all of our registered skaters at no additional cost. It’s a great time for our CanSkate, Parent & Tot and STARSkate members to practice new skills and/or book private lessons. 

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Ticket Ice and Free Skate

Ticket Ice is ice provided by the Town of Lincoln to be used strictly for figure skating.  Skaters should be at (or close to) the STARSkate level before registering for this ice. Anyone using this ice must be a registered member of Skate Canada. 

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The Jordan Skating Club offers FAMILY DISCOUNTS

Jordan Skating Club loves to see our families enjoying our programs and being able to take advantage of as much ice time as possible Because of this, we offer family discounts for families with multiple children as well as a child skating on multiple days per week.

Multiple Children Discount – The first two children pay full price on their program fees, but the third and additional children are charged half price on their program fees.

Single Skater Discount – This is for our skaters who purchase more than one session each week. The first session is full price, but all additional sessions are half price. This is especially important to our STARSkaters who usually do need to skate more that once a week.

The more you skate at the Jordan Skating Club, the more you save! Contact us today to learn more about our family discounts and how they can apply to you!

Want to improve your skating skills?

Join the Jordan Skating Club today – learning how to skate has never been so fun!