Code of Conduct for Skaters:


    For safety, gloves (or mittens) and effective July 1st, 2011 ALL HELMETS must be CSA approved hockey helmets for all participants in the CanSkate program.

  • Be on time.
  • Listen to your coach.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • No abusive behaviour or offensive language.
  • Always give right of way to a skater in a lesson or skating a solo to music.
  • Do not interrupt a coach who is teaching another skater.
  • Do not lie on the ice if you fall, this is dangerous to yourself and others.
  • Get up as quickly as possible.
  • Do not stand and talk in the middle of the ice, move off to the boards, or get off altogether.
  • Be respectful of fellow skaters no matter what their level of ability.
  • Be polite and show consideration when requesting music – usually only once per session if it is busy.
  • Do your best, talk a little and practice a lot!


Code of Conduct for Parents:


  • Offer praise and encouragement to your child. Let the coach give the instructions.
  • Let your coach know in advance if your child will miss a lesson.
  • Dress your child in appropriate skating attire.
  • Make sure your child is respectful of fellow skaters & their level of ability.
  • Direct any inquiries to the appropriate person or source.  (refer to Club Handbook, Board member, etc.)
  • No abusive behaviour or offensive language.
  • Do your volunteer time cheerfully,  you are helping your club and your child.
  • Do not interrupt a coach who is teaching another skater.  The coach will be happy to speak to you at a more appropriate time.


Club Rules and Regulations:


  • These rules and regulations have been adopted by your Board of Directors to provide maximum safety and pleasure for all members during the skating sessions. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • All skaters must wear guards (trimmed to fit the length of the blade) when off the ice ,  on the stairs, and in the lobby.
  • Please use extra care when walking or carrying young skaters.
  • Please use the dressing rooms for putting on and taking off skates.
  • Parents or their designate are expected to be present while their children are skating.
  • The Jordan Skating Club does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal effects or injury to any member.
  • During Freeskate Sessions all skaters should make every effort to avoid interfering with those performing their solos to music or taking lessons.
  • All skaters, parents and coaches are expected to follow the JSC Code of Conduct. Please remember that the Arena Staff, Professional Staff and Board Members are in complete charge while in the arena.
  • Everyone must clear the ice immediately when the Zamboni Buzzer sounds. No one may enter the ice until the door is completely closed and a Pro is on the ice.
  • A guest skating fee will apply to any skater wishing to skate on a session for which he/she is not registered. The fee is $16 /session for home club skaters, and $20/session for out of club skaters. This fee must be paid before the skater enters the ice.